Bike Night

Last night I knit up a square for the blanket being made for the Suicide Prevention Silent Auction in Dayton. It will go off in the mail tomorrow morning because like the goober I am I forgot to buy an envelope to mail it in while I was at Office Max today.

trianlges2.JPG triangles.JPG
It’s a basic 6×6 inch square with a 3st garter stitch border and using the Triangles Stitch from Vogue Knitting’s Stitchionary Volume One.

Tonight we went out to Bike Night at the local Quaker Steak & Lube. It was great. Bikes EVERYWHERE, it really looked like a very odd bike lot. There was everything from Boss Haus to GSXR and Harleys to a Vespa. You don’t typically see all of those bikes sold at the same dealership. 😉

I did much better on the back tonight. The boy said “it was a lot easier this time.” Although there was one turn that made me a bit nervous, we were over pretty far. I even got comfortable just holding on to the back handles. That greatly reduced the banging of our heads together at steps, which made for a much more enjoyable ride.

Riding on the bike is great because when you have short errands to run it’s much quicker. For example, I needed to drop off an envelope at FedEx for work (yeah, I know, I should have bought an envelope there…) so the boy and I rode over, I hopped off, took the envelope out of my jacket, dropped it in the bin and off we went. Plus, riding on the bike is just fun and you feel like you can really commune with nature. (Well as long as you ignore the carbon footprint and such.) I can’t wait to spend more time riding this summer!

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