Do me proud

The boy and I ran some enthralling errands today, including a trip to the Apple store, exchanging a kitchen scale and LYS hopping. I was in search of some yarns for charity blankets and a personal blanket. At the first yarn shop (out of 3) his tummy was rumbling loudly so we split after I found yarn for the charity blankets. At the second store he wasn’t in the mood to continue shopping so I told him “your job is to find yarn in this color range in a worsted, machine washable wool.” So what does he do? Grabs the two sample yarns I had pointed to and goes to ask the store employees if they have anything in that color in a worsted, machine washable wool. 🙂 It was kind of fun to let him do the work.

Unfortunately we didn’t find what I needed at the second store so then we were off to the third shop. At the third shop I found a yarn that would work and the proceeded to look at the books leaving the yarn in his hands. I was impressed that the shop employee saw him holding the yarn and asked if he was finding everything he needed. He explained that he was with me, and so they asked if I was finding what I needed. I asked if they had any other yarns in that color range that were worsted, machine washable. The lady informed me that they had another brand and showed me the knit up versions of both. I went with the yarn I had already picked because it was softer and commented to the boy that he would want to feel it because it was soft. He said “I like alpaca” and the employee asked him to feel another yarn she had. He obliged and said “Hmm is that llama?” and she was quite pleased to tell him that he was correct. She also informed me that he was a keeper [which I clearly already know 😉 ].

Ya, do me proud baby. 🙂

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