Maryland Sheep and Wool – The plan

The boy and I are headed to Maryland Sheep and Wool in about 3 weeks and I am already starting to get very excited. Many of the Ravelry Helpers from the East Coast and Midwest (along with one West Coaster!) are all planning to meet up in Baltimore. We will be having a giant slumber party at Suzanne’s, that will include myself and the boy if we can’t crash at his cousin’s place just north of Baltimore. The ladies have informed the boy that if he does come to the slumber party his toenails must be painted. If that happens I promise there will be pictures.

At the festival we will of course look at the fiber goodness, pet animals and help out Jess and Casey with any tasks they need done. There is also a rumour that there will be a Ravelry party Saturday night and we will of course assist with that as well. It will be so great to finally meet folks in person as well as catch up with old long cherished friends. I am also hoping to pop into one of my favorite yarn shops from Baltimore and try out the ones I missed before I moved. I know Cloverhill will have a booth at the festival so I will go check them out there.

Now dear readers I need your assistance. I gave up yarn for Lent and have yet to buy any since Easter. I want to get something lovely as well as try something new. I also want to take advantage of the yarn accessibility at the festival but alas I do not know which yarns to pounce on. Can you recommend your favorite yarns or yarns that I really must try at least once in my life? I would be much obliged!

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