10 Things for the Home

I had a bit of a reality check this weekend (don’t you hate those?) while buying a new porch light and locks for our house. It appears that small items add up quickly. [I know who would have thunk it?] So I give to you 10 things I would buy for the house right now if you know I didn’t have other bills…

  1. Shelving, shelving, shelving and more shelving.
  2. Closet organizers for each of the 4 – 6′ closets that we have.
  3. Kitchen cart for the bar.
  4. Double oven for the kitchen.
  5. Gas range for the kitchen. Since it’s an all electric house I would also need to run a gas line and possibly a gas furnace (guess how soon this project will be done?)
  6. Matching slipcovers or furniture for the living room.
  7. Shed for the backyard.
  8. Wall unit to house all of my crafty goods.
  9. Leather sofa for the family room (alas we can not decorate this room until that couch comes in because it only exists in our heads and we need to figure out the color scheme in there)
  10. A new dining room set.

If you know of any reasonably priced places to buy these items feel free to drop a line. 🙂 Do you have any dream projects for your home?

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