Motorcycle Rides

Today the boy and I went out for our first ride together on his motorcycle. It was a very fun ride. Driving down the main drag at a cool 25 mph I was able to even just sit back and relax without having to hang on to him tightly. We still have to work on looking to the inside on turns.

house 3.JPG
I just like to look around too much I guess. 🙂

We also made it up to about 70 mph at one point and well we’re both alive. That picture was taken after we got off the bike, so clearly we are both alive and well. Perhaps on the next outing I will brave enough to let him hit the highway. Of course since I did complete the Motorcycle Ohio safety course and received my license, being on the back of the bike really just makes me want to go get my own. So if any of you know someone selling a Honda Shadow 600 in great condition with reasonable mileage, drop me a line! 😀

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