Man room & Library cards

After work today I insisted on going to the REC center to get their yoga class schedule and then swinging by the library to get our library cards. I may have failed to mention one of the coolest things about our new home. We are centrally located between 2 fabulous libraries. I do not use the term, fabulous lightly. One of the libraries won library of the year last year and is opening a branch 1.09 miles from our house (in like 2 weeks!). This is also the library that I grew up with. The other library is 2.5 miles from our home and I had heard wonderful things about it but since it wasn’t connected to the metro libraries I had never actually been to it.

We went to the new to us library last night to get our library cards. (I still have a card for the other one.) Of course the boy kept hitting buttons while I tried to sign up for my card and caused it to process without all my information. The gentleman working there helped me out and gave me a card while the boy registered for his on the computer. Then they did the coolest thing, they linked our cards. Now we can pick up each other’s reserves. It may seem like a small thing but I tell you what it can be the biggest pain in the tush sometimes. Then we wandered around to see what all they had. I found a copy of IK that I have been looking for and I picked up a movie we hadn’t seen. We also found a game room. That’s right, the library has a video game room where patrons can play library owned Xbox and GameCube games. That’s just cool. Oh and if you live in the area, they offer Library link which allows kids to reserve books and pick them up at their schools!

After our excursion to the library we went back home to finish working on the Man room. I had more cubes to build for the yarn and the boy wanted to rearrange the seating so that we will have more room for whatever we eventually do for the bar. I also went around the house grabbing all of my knitting bags in a quest to find all of my needles. For some reason 3 of my current projects all need a US 8 and I couldn’t even find the one US 8 needle that I own. I found them all and am working on a good organizational method for keeping track of them.

I used the US 8 I found to swatch for the Minimalist cardigan, got gauge and cast on. I am kind of excited to start my first adult sized sweater. I hope it turns out well! 🙂

By the by, this is not a salmon red, it’s a much deeper red, but flash and all…better pictures later.

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