WIP Wednesday – Jacket Ripping

My youngest brother’s confirmation is this Friday and since his sponsor, my other brother, presently resides in North Carolina I was asked to stand in for the rehearsal. My mother’s exact words were along the lines of “Can I borrow your butt for about an hour?” I agreed to go and then asked if I could bring my knitting. I didn’t want to appear rude but this is a rehearsal and not the actual ceremony. My mother said sure it wouldn’t be a problem (did I mention that she and dad are 2 of the teachers?). I ran up and down and up and down the stairs hunting for something to take but everything I wanted to start needed the pattern or I couldn’t find the needles. So I grabbed my niece’s jacket that needed to be ripped, a tiny circular needle and sweater that I was going to take apart for its yarn and out the door I went.

As soon as I got to the church my mom said, “Did you bring your knitting?” I wold like to take this time to say “Thanks for supporting my habit so jovially.” 😀 I first pulled out the sweater to be de-constructed but since I didn’t have my seam ripper and there is some mohair in this sweater I gave up and went back to the jacket. I ran my tiny needle through a row that looked like it was close to the length of the other front and ripped out the yarn up to that point. Then I started counting the rows on each front and marked them with markers so that I can go back later with the pattern and figure out what needs to be done. The rehearsal lasted about an hour and involved singing and some standing and sitting so I felt rather accomplished. I need to get this finished as they move back to Ohio at the end of this month and her big 1 year birthday party is the weekend they arrive. 🙂 Oh and her present from the boy is in the garage…we need to work on it but we have time.

Here is the jacket back in pieces again:

jacket fronts

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