Today we went to pick up a member of the family who was still hanging out with the boy’s parents. It was a happy homecoming that also involved swinging by my parents for dinner and to grab two paintings for the sitting room. It was such a momentous occasion my Civic wore a sombrero. For real:

hola car
PS – Wow! My car lives in the garage… she’s never done that before and is kind of excited!

Our happy family member back in the fold:

back home
Look how happy the bike looks. Definitely happy to be back home.

Oh and Neckwarmer update. The boy has tested it out on the streets, it’s warm and keeps his neck warm. He can feel a little bit of wind when he goes over 50mph…but well that’s to be expected. For all intents and purposes it works great, looks great on him and he wears it without being reminded. 🙂

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