Yarn Candy Friday – Thrifty Yarn

On my last day in town instead of packing like a good girl, I went with my friend MysticSpiral to acquire yarn of the less expensive variety. Because we all know the best way to pack for a big move is to buy more stuff. I acquired 7 sweaters worth of yarn for about $14. How you say? Well, we went to the thrift store to reclaim yarn. Now it will find a greater purpose and longer life in my possession. I am a bit jealous that she found the 100% cashmere sweater in a lovely purple color. But I am quite pleased with some of my findings. After our shopping expedition we went and hung out at McDonald’s where she showed me how to break the sweater down. I forgot to take a picture of it in pieces but here is the yarn wound into skeins.


I may use this yarn to make Sahara. The fiber content is 40% Silk, 30% Nylon, 15% Ramie, 11% Wool and 4% Other



When all was said and done this is what was left over. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Friday night MysticSpiral, her daughter – Sprout and husband came over to share in homemade pizza and shenanigans for our going away party. Unfortunately a number of people had caught what ever bug it is that is going around and weren’t able to make it. I had a grand time hanging out with them and Sprout provided hours of entertainment for all of us. The boy and I must crash into bed now for we have to be up early in the morning to move.

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