Knitting in DC – Round 2

My after work plans for Thursday fell through so I did what any rational knitter with a deadline would do – I found the closest knit group party to crash. I had heard of a lovely shop in DC at multiple locations and thought a bit about stopping into their Georgetown location but for one reason or another never made it over. So I grabbed some dinner at Subway and hopped on the super cool Circulator (known as the Perculator to those in the know…or really just me and my old train pals) and it dropped me in Georgetown about a block North of Stitch DC. Hooray for public transit accessible shopping 🙂 Sometimes, I really do miss DC.

The shop was small (real estate is on the opposite end of the spectrum from cheap in Georgetown) but it had lots of great yarns. I found some very very gorgeous Tilli Tomas something or other silk and seacell. Alas, I gave up yarn and clothes shopping for Lent and this is the first year that I have made at all the way through and I didn’t want to break my streak. So if it’s there when I get back into town then I will buy some. 🙂 Unless of course, I am suddenly broke from buying a house and the cost is through the roof. 🙂

The knit night group was a fun group and I am rather looking forward to hanging with them again when I am in town the next time.

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