Manic Monday

Happy Monday and Happy St Patrick’s Day. The luck o’ the Irish must be strong in me today because my flight to DC was rather uneventful, my luggage was the second one off the conveyor belt and it was a gorgeous day. Also, when we went out for St Patrick’s after work we were able to slowly take over one side of the bar, stool by stool (giggle).

Sadly, with people lurking around this weekend I wasn’t able to get much knitting done. Although, in good news we are getting very close to being finished with our packing. The boy and his parents will be doing the deep cleaning this weekend and then next week is THE week. I can’t wait. It’s probably a good thing that I am on travel right now. I am being distracted from all the minutiae of the move and therefore keeping myself from going crazy in the apartment.

I did bring some knitting with me so once I get back to the hotel tonight I should be able to make some progress worthy of posting.


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