Yarn Candy Friday – Suri Merino

Today’s yarn candy is brought to you by the color Red and the following animals: suri alpaca and merino sheep. 🙂 This yarn is intended for my first adult sized sweater. I have been planning the sweater since the fall. I bought yarn to swatch the sweater in October, but of course never got around to swatching. Then on the December/January cusp I bought enough yarn for the sweater and I still haven’t swatched. Then 2 Fridays ago I saw someone at Knit Night knitting my intended sweater and it looked really nice and the ladies in attendance approved of my yarn choice…and yet I still have not swatched! Well, in my defense, there are a few deadlined items on the needles that must be completed but I promise to swatch soon. If I don’t, you have my permission to chide me. So without further ado…the yarn:

suri merino
Does it look soft to you? It feels soft to me!

mound of suri merino
Stacked yarn…

large mound of suri merino
So sometimes I regress and stack things because “hey! it’s cool.” 🙂

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