WIP Wednesday – Blizzard Progress

Some knitting goodness came out of the mini blizzard on Saturday. I made a lot of progress on my Alpaca Surprise project. It is now over 50% completed and looking like it is on target for its delivery date.


See how small the balls of yarn are getting? Progress!

I started the Celtic Cable Scarf. I have encountered an interesting problem with scarves…I can do one repeat of a cabled or lace pattern and then I am done. Perhaps it’s because at one repeat the design is complete and I don’t feel compelled to keep knitting to see how it will look because it is already done. Hopefully I can get over that since I now have 2 scarves on the needles and chilling at just one repeat. Perhaps they will just be my filler projects. (Like I need a filler project with my Summer of Weddings To Do List!)

celtic cable repeat 1
Do you think I should maybe go up a needle size?

Lastly, my first sweater project, Tai’s Jacket, is coming along quite swimmingly, except for that part where I clearly lost all ability to count and made one side too big causing me to run out of yarn. Perhaps once I finish Alpaca Surprise I can sit down and rip back the excess knitting and finish up Tai’s Jacket. As long as I finish it the boy won’t be able to tease me about how she won’t be able to wear it when she’s 16…yeah he *thinks* he’s funny.

tai jacket
I surprised myself taking this picture. It’s the first time I have seen the whole jacket laid out. I think it’s gonna be great!

size difference
See how on the left it’s about an inch longer…yeah I am a goof.

I am lazy and it is dark, pics in the AM. Pictures are up now.

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