Mini Blizzard

Ohio’s weather decided to play a trick on me over the weekend. It decided to ignore the fact that it is March and proceeded to dump over a foot of snow across the state. Some portions of the state saw upwards to two feet. I was of course going exceedingly stir crazy, for numerous reasons:

1. I work from home and don’t have much human interaction, so I crave the weekends where I get to see people
2. I needed to pack and get things prepared for the move
3. All of the roads were shut down and the folks who were coming to help me pack were unable to drive
4. I don’t like being told what to do, especially by the weather.

For all of my restlessness on Saturday there was a splendid out come on Sunday. The boy braved the roads to come out and assist with the packing. When the roads started to lok really good we went ahead and made a trip to Target where I bought a new camera. Then when we got back to the apartment he made this for me:


Now I am not allowed to dislike the snow or wish for it melt to soon! I suddenly love snow again. (Just as long as it stays within its boundaries and out of the road!)


The view from my apartment. 🙂

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