RIP Mobile Phone

House buying can be frustrating. So frustrating that you throw the phone across the apartment for it’s last and fatal flight. My mobile phone is hovering between life and death. I can get enough juice out of it to back it up to my computer with this fancy cord I bought to hack it when I got the phone. However, I can’t see any menus or screens and when I received a phone call there was a very distinct smell of electrical fire. I am currently throwing caution to the wind as I leave it on hoping the screen will come back. Alas, I fear that it won’t and I will be forced to succumb and buy a newer and even crappier phone. (Did I mention that I hate the downward spiral of phones? It’s like they know that I am due for a “New Every Two Upgrade” and they knew that I had decided to tell the cell phone man to shove it because his phones are craptastic. So it killed itself. Forcing me to spend more money on something els that will die soon. Gah!)

Yes I am bitter, who do you ask?

Wish me luck as I traverse to Verizon tonight for a new phone…

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