Game day!

Most people spend their birthdays chillin out maxin relaxin all cool, some even shoot some b-ball outside of the school. Alas, I had a very busy working birthday. To wit: We took two loads to our storage unit. It’s amazing how two truck loads and one car load of stuff out of our apartment barely makes a dent… then we met up with my parents for some birthday eats around 2 pm. My father then continued his quest for a Wii, unsuccessfully, while I tried to find a cell phone that I actually like, unsuccessfully. It seems that *technology* has advanced beyond my tastes and I am SOL. I will just get a new cell, later, someday.

Once we returned home the real fun began. The boy took a brief nap and then we began assembling the goodie bags for Sticks N Stitches. One of the distinct advantages to having many siblings is that you have lots of cheap labour that can’t say no. I asked my beloved engineer to set up a good process flow for us, since you know that is precisely what he got his degree in. He feigned disinterest and so I began our process. As one would presume, he quickly took over the process line, set up sub assemblies and we were on our way. (There was also some assistance from my father who also works in manufacturing, it is so handy to have these guys around!)


A lovely action shot of me adding items to the goodie bags while explaining the end goal to the boy.


My brother and sister helping out. They both knit! 🙂 (The other brother was excused because he was at “work”)

winding down 2.JPG

Mom helping and keeping the dog (Sassy) at bay. Sassy kept wanting to play with the yarn!

winding down.JPG
Nearing the end of the process! Check out all the colorful yarn!

The process went fairly quickly and our house was soon overtaken by clear bags. It looked a bit like some alien force was growing. We had one quality control issue but that was quickly sorted out and the bags are good to go. We will be quite a sight at Nationwide Arena today but I am quite certain all the attendees will be pleased with their spoils. I wrapped up my evening cataloging all of the door prizes so that I can show them all to you after the game. (Don’t want to spoil the surprise!)

alien bag army.JPG
The alien bag army have overtaken my parents’ kitchen!

alien bag army 2.JPG

The alien bag army has leaked into the rest of the house, it is aiming for world domination, methinks.

I have a couple more tasks to complete today before game time but I will be at the arena around 4:30pm. I look forward to seeing you all there!

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