WIP Wednesday

I have a couple of major projects that I am working on right now. Today’s post will therefore only include one rather unexciting photo.

Sticks ‘N Stitches – We have over 100 people who have purchased tickets and we still have 3 more days until the event! I am very excited that we will have such great turn out as well as thoroughly beating Colorado’s turn out! I have made 100 goodie bags they will now be handed out on a while supplies last basis. The non fiber folk in my party have promised not to snatch me extra bags, as long as everyone follows this ideal we should have plenty for everyone. Oh and I should have a table just outside our section where we will be handing these out. I am sooo excited for this!

Moving – The boy and I have been house hunting on the weekends while trying to pack and clean during the week. Fortunately we still have our apartment until we decide to hand over our keys but my mind is swimming with to do lists that I just can not seem to get down on paper. Our wonderful moving boxes are provided courtesy of The Fresh Market and St Ann’s Hospital. One of those big white boxes can hold a total knee kit. We packed up quite a bit of my craft supplies because in all honesty, I am not getting much done right now. I have kept about 6 projects out to work on and I will be lucky to complete any of them while we work on moving. 🙂


It’s official that I do not have excessive stash. The vast majority of my yarn and fiber are in the box on the right. The other two boxes hold my sewing supplies, scrapbooking supplies and lord knows what else. (The boy packed my craft closet for me)

Baby Jacket – Is coming along I just don’t feel like I have accomplished enough new knitting to show you.

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