Ode to my UPS Man

Dear UPS Man,

I hope your back is well. I apologize that you had to carry 70lbs of magazines and books up a flight of stairs to my doorstep. You were awesome to bring them into my home and not make me lift them. Just so you know, by delivering these items you not only made my day with the books but you will also be making numerous knitters and crocheters happy as they receive their magazines at Sticks N Stitches. Thanks again for all you do.



PS – I hope you don’t mind that you will probably be delivering 25lbs of yarn tomorrow.

Door prizes and magazines from Interweave are in. I am expecting the shipment of yarn tomorrow. Are you getting excited for Sticks N Stitches? I know I am! 68 tickets sold…10 more to be ordered, if we can get another 10 on top of that we should be able to beat Colorado! 🙂 (No, I am not competitive at all, what makes you say that?)

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