Sticks N Stitches Status Report

Another quick update on Sticks N Stitches:

  • As of 9 am today there are 54 tickets sold for the event. (If we can get another 30 tickets sold we should have more than they did in CO!)
  • I have contacted several folks asking for goody bag and door prize donations.
  • There will be numerous door prizes provided by local vendors, internet retailers, bloggers, podcasters and yarn companies. (Books, yarn, handspun, notions, needles, etc)
  • Interweave has mailed their portion of the goody bags to me.

Please drop me a line here or on Ravelry if you have any questions or need ticket information. Also, if it is at all possible, please buy your tickets by the end of the month. My biggest fear for this event is that a lot of people will buy their tickets last minute, and I won’t have enough goody bags for everyone.

If you would like to donate any door prizes or items for the goody bags drop me a line. Also if you are donating items be sure to include your name/business card with the item so our lovely participants will know where to go to get more!

Confirmed donators:
Interweave Press
Yarn Basket
Yarn Market
Webs – Ready, Set, Knit

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