I have finished my Fetchings. Alas, I betrayed my carpentry ancestry and did not measure twice. Therefore, they are too small. I made them to fit my 6″ wrist without thinking about the fact that my palm is wider than my wrist. Needless to say, the stretch of the cables is too much over the palm and around the thumb. I have figured out someone who has daintier hands than myself and plan to see if she would like them.


Description: Frog Tree Alpaca Fetchings
Pattern: Fetching by Cheryl Niamath from Summer Knitty 2007
Yarn used: 25 grams of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport – Colorway 23 (100% Alpaca) 50g / 130 yds Hand Wash cold, dry flat
Needle Size: US 4 Addi Turbo 32″ Circulars
Modifications: I knit this to fit a 6″ wrist
Finished Size: Ladies 6″
Date Started: 1/6/2008
Date Completed:
I like the way these turned out and I hope the recipient enjoys them as well.

Pete was begging to model these so I let him.
fetching and pete

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