Warm Up America

In preparation for the Sticks N’ Stitches event in February I have begun to make my rectangles for the Warm Up America blankets. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Warm Up America you should take a gander. The program is relatively simple. All it requires is for participants to make 7″ x 9″ rectangles out of some sort of machine washable fiber. Once 49 of these squares have been collected they can be sewn together using either whip stitch or mattress stitch. You can then take the finished blankets and give them out in your community or you can send the sections and/or afghans to:

Warm Up America! Foundation
2500 Lowell Rd.
Ranlo, NC 28054

PLEASE NOTE that Warm Up America! can only accept NEW afghans.

I plan to knit a rectangle for each person I am bring to Sticks N Stitches and my mother is crocheting a rectangle for each person she is bringing. I encourage anyone coming to please bring a rectangle for each person in your group, if possible. We can then stitch the blankets together at the game.

For patterns for the sections check out the Warm Up America website or look in the book Knitting for Peace.

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