Of booze, yoga, yarn and glasses

Of booze and yoga

Yoga is all about knowing your body and carrying your own weight. It’s a certain sense of balance between your body and the world. As my instructor says every class, “the way you react on the mat is the way in which you react off the mat.” So you know what she says to me after class? “You should drink more” 🙂

The backstory…

A couple months ago we were in class and doing the dancer pose I had a little trouble sticking it and I sighed and exclaimed “I can do this when I am at the bar!” This of course greatly amused my instructor and was repeated at the following couple classes. It has also been periodically brought up to me and I laugh, it was funny.

Fast forward to Thursday night when I am eating pizza for dinner and decide I really want a margarita. In fact I have been craving one all week and have held off for the end of the week. My college days poke through as I decide that Thursday is close enough to the end of the week. So I pour the remainder of my pre-made Cuervo Margaritas into a glass. It really ended up only being a half glass.

I head off to yoga class and the boy heads over to the weight room. We are all chatty per usual before class and I say “oh if I have trouble balancing tonight it’s because I had a drink before class.” I get teased for drinking before class and am informed that we will be doing a ton of balancing poses just because of me.

Would you believe I was completely balanced all night? I stuck the dancer pose, I did warrior 3 without help and my shoulder stands were very tall. While in halasana my instructor comes over and says “you were really balanced tonight, you should drink more” and I laughed. I can think of worse diagnoses.

Of Yarn

Friday night is usually date night in our house but due to an unfortunate turn of events for the boy he had to work late. When he wasn’t home by 7:15 pm I darted off to the Late Night Knit and Crochet at Ewetopia in Troy. Can I just say I had a blast? Fellow Raveler Lori was there as were many ladies I recognized from the Dayton Knitting Guild. I met a new friend, Becky and I got all the toe increases done on my second sock. I also won some Eucalan wash in the owner’s drawing. There was plenty of food to munch on and beverages to drink. There was even some wine for those who are so inclined. As I was leaving at 10 pm (when it ended) I received a call from the boy saying he was on his way home from work. I think my night was probably better spent than his. 🙂 The late night Knit and Crochet seems to be bi-weekly so I may have to discuss altering date night so that I can attend this more often because it really was fun and nice to meet some new folks.

Of Glasses

Friday my glasses finally came in at the Doctor’s office. (Ok it really didn’t take that long, but it is all new and exciting for me. ) I went and picked them up, got them fitted. I think they look pretty good. Lucky me! 🙂

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