I like the beginning of September because I get presents! 🙂

Yesterday I received iLife ’08 from the boy. Hooray! Then today I got to use it to edit pictures of the care package I received from my secret pal at summer camp! (I am a little excitable today)

Over on Ravelry one of the first things I did was sign up for my first ever swap. This swap was a Summer Camp Swap and we were all given secret pals. Today I received a care package from my secret pal in Boulder, CO. Too cool for a couple of reasons, 1. we just decided to head to CO for vacation next spring and 2. I had just arrived home from the dentist with a clean bill of health!

Here are the pictures:
That’s the package as it looked when it arrived.


This is the package as I unwrapped it.

goodies on parade

There are the goodies on display for everyone to see.

I am super excited about the Alpaca Silk! I can now make at least one of the items I have in my queue! (Probably the Clementine Shawlette from IK Spring 07 – but no promises). My secret pal is the best too! She went through my queue and my profile and everything for inspiration. Yep, I am tickled pink.

Oh and in other knitting news:

On a whim yesterday I decided to knit this: 302 Calories from

It was a tricky knit. I had to splice the yarn together, wind it and then knit with it. Knitting was by no means easy as the yarn was “splitty” and occasionally came apart completely and had to be re-spliced. I ended up weaving the end through to fill in some of the holes that formed from the yarn breaking. It was worth the effort though. I may try this again (I bought a ton of roving) and if I can get it to look a little better (I think I may need bigger chopsticks) I may use this as my new go to gift for bachelorette parties. Everybody loves hand knits! You can see more pictures by clicking on the photo below.
finished thong

Have a splendiforous day.

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