Ravelry – the great time suck!

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I got into Ravelry in mid-June and that is where you will find me during all of my internet time. If you would like to friend me my Ravelry username is LittleWit. You can also find me on the Ravelry Help chat over on lingr.

The other reasons that I haven’t posted include:

Kate’s Bachelorette Party, Kate and John’s Wedding, Lithuanian Day/Atlanta Vacation and a supreme lack of anything titillating to blog about.

In knitting news:

I have cast-on some toe up socks from the IK Summer 2007 magazine and have made it all the way into the foot. I am rather excited about that.

I also cast-on a Baby Surprise Jacket for Baby Tai. Then I frogged it all the way back and re cast it on this weekend. I am remembering to take notes as to where I am so this time I can fix a problem without starting over! 🙂

The Skull Baby Blanket was frogged back so that I can try a different method of keeping my yarn untangled.

I will post progress pictures of everything soon. If you are on Ravelry you can check out some of them there. Now I am off to make some more progress on the knitting.

Have a great day!

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