Trans-Siberian Love

Have you ever heard a song that made you wish your life had evolved along a completely different path? I have. Yesterday as, I was screening music for my Christmas party I came across this magical piece. Listening to it made me wish I had been one of those girlie girls who took ballet and could perform a perfect pirouette. It also struck my heavy metal chords so that I could not help but smile. I *heart* heavy metal. Every girl has to have a first love and that was mine.

As evidence to the prowess of this song, I passed it along to a friend. She agreed that this song could lead someone to flee for the ballet. (Notice how that doesn’t carry the stigma of other fleeings – such as to the circus…) To further test the appeal of this piece I played it for my boyfriend. When asked if it made him wish he had done ballet he looked at me blankly and said “no.”

I asked if it made him wish he had been in the pit at the ballet. He then smiled a sly smile that screamed “Oh yeah!” It’s hard to deny the fun of heavy metal melded with classical.

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