Marriage fun

father of the bride
So it’s August but TBS was showing the ever wonderful “Father of the Bride,” typically a June staple, this past Saturday. Watching it with the boy I told him that no it’s not standard to have a wedding planner and yes it is possible to do it “Chipper” than Franc’s way. Then of course comes the discussion “who pays for the wedding anyway?” In my case, I informed him, I would have to pay for everything because as far as I know my parents have no intention of paying for anything. “Really?” he says. I don’t know so I call my mom, explain to her that I am watching Father of the Bride and how I love that movie and that the boy and I were casually discussing who would pay for any hypothetical future wedding. She says I don’t know, let me ask your father.

Rich are we paying for Erin’s wedding?

Thanks mom. I love that you give dad a mild coronary just to get a giggle, that must be why I love to do it to other people so much. I love my mom and my dad – who responded “Is she getting married anytime soon?” Aren’t they fun?

No I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I still love watching Father of the Bride and I am right there with George. I think that there is a conspiracy between the hot dog makers and the hot dog bun makers…

Oh and no one is stepping up to pay for any future hypothetical wedding at this point. So any donations are welcome. 🙂

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