Job Searching

Hello everyone,
I have returned from my trip to the islands, slightly
tanner and with a lot more heart. There are many pictures to be seen at
the following site: I
have not completed the long and arduous task of uploading all of the
pictures but half of the ones from Hawaii are up as are all of the pics
from San Juan. Well, the legal ones anyway…can’t have the feds after
me… I kid, I kid! I will upload the rest of Hawaii I dare say before
this week is out. When I say out, I mean out, like a fat kid in

Recently, I have been recruited by a few
friends down on their luck to help them find a job or housing. Now to
me a friend in need is a friend indeed or what have you. But I was
thinking to myself what if someone else out there in LiveJournal land
wishes to do this all on their own?? “Give a man a fish,” the old
proverb says, “and he eats for a day.” Teach a man to fish and he eats
for a life time. (A more cynical one goes along the line of “and he’s
gone for the weekend…but we shan’t go there). So here my hungry
livejournal land companions is a tacklebox of job and housing websites
that I have found useful in my moves.

Housing: (Enter your city instead of mine)

Local newspapers (online and print) (your city may have some variation) (Enter your city instead of mine)
Career Services at your local University

OK that’s all I can think of for now. I hope this helped someone otherwise oh well. I am off to bed.

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