a little friendly advice

Hello there, I know it’s been awhile and I promise to really update soon but for now a little friendly advice from our sponsors:
April 15th is fast approaching so if you haven’t done your taxes yet and you’re like duh how do I do this or you wanna be green and file everything online go to the following sites:

taxes.yahoo.com (for more info than you could ever want on taxes and all of the forms you may need)

www.tax.ohio.gov (to file electronically for Ohio)

www.Marylandtaxes.com (to file electronically for Maryland)

www.tax.Virginia.gov (to file electronically for Virginia)

www.irs.gov (to file electronically for the Feds – I recommend the TurboTax option)

if your state isn’t listed go to the Yahoo! site, select your state and look in the instruction booklet, it should list your site on one of the first couple pages.

Happy tax filings! I hope everyone gets a nice bit back if they deserve it and next year don’t let the fed hold onto your money interest free, claim more but don’t claim too much (no one wants to pay!)

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