Holy cripes! I didn’t realize it had almost been two months since my last post. I guess I’ve been in a pretty bad funk for a long time. Well here’s the abridged version of what’s been going on.


Drove to OU to celebrate Halloween Athens style. Stayed with Chris and went uptown with his friends from Bishop Ready. We had a little theme going on, I was Princess Peach (I sewed my own gown with the help of Aunt Paula, Aunt Doris and Cousin Melissa) Chris was Bowser and Kevin was Mario. Matt was s’pose to be Luigi but as usual Matt pooped out on us and didn’t come. Too much debauchery for the Youth Minister I guess. Amy was a pirate, Sara was a devil, Mandy was a french maid and Abby was umm something. I think she was a devil too. So Chris got fairly intoxicated and so did Kevin and Mandy and well let’s just say it was a fairly entertaining evening. We did stop up to see Miss Molly workin her toosh off at Souvlaki’s. Go Molly! Then Sunday morning it was breakfast at Bob Evans with the gang. Before I headed back to DC Sunday evening. The weekend ended on a sour note cause I was towed when I got home and was trying to unload so I had to walk and get my car at 130am. Oh well. Stupid tow companies.


Got settled with the job, hit my three month anniversary but I’m still waiting for the three month review. Robby’s mom passed away L so that was pretty sucky. Chris and I went to visit his Aunt Anita and Uncle Dennis when he was out here for Veteran’s weekend. We hung out with his cousins Josh and Jakoma. That was really fun. They live close by in Fredericksburg, VA and can I just say mmmmm Aunt Anita fed us well! We also did a little labour on my car that weekend to see if any damage had been done by the tow truck but it hadn’t. Cousin Josh took me for a ride on his motorcycle and then we drove out and watched him do some stunts. He and his friends do stunt shows and have a website: www.540boyz.com. Pretty cool. I love family weekends.

I flew to Maine Nov 20-22 and hung out with Mollie! That was a blast. We got all girlie diva dressed up on Saturday in matching purple and pink ensembles (I was purple she was pink) and took her Silver kids (swimming) bowling. Good times at the bowling ally. We had a guys vs girls game but I played on the guys team to even it out. I even got a couple strikes! Woohoo! Then we went to dinner with her Dad, Alison and her sister Emily. No more ordering scallops while I’m out to eat, it’s always a let down. Then we went to a Portland Pirates game! That’s right folks. I went to Maine so I could see hockey!!! I heart Hockey. The game was kinda sucky cause the providence Bruins walked all over the Pirates but we had a blast anyway. After the game we went to Margarita’s for drinks and I got a raspberry margarita that matched my outfit! How much better can it get? We also went bar hopping and you know what? I like the smoking ban. It was nice to come home from the bars and not have hair smelling like stale cigarettes for once! Sunday Mol’s kids had a swim meet so I went and endured my first swim meet ever (as far as I can remember) but it wasn’t bad. Probably cause it was my first time so I was kind of figuring things out. Mollie also drove me by the ocean and oh I could have stood there for hours but we had to get going. It smelled so wonderful I want to live close to the ocean! (Wait that’s right I do! Anyone for a trip to Baltimore to go see the harbour?) I also stopped and bought some fresh lobster to bring home for Thanksgiving for the fam! Mmm Lobster!

Which segways into my next event: The family drove out to see me for Thanksgiving. Yep that’s right all six of us were in my two bedroom apartment for three days. We had fun touring the city seeing the memorials and monuments. The FDR Memorial is wicked cool and rather in depth I recommend you to visit it. The new WWII one was also nice but I need to read up on the symbolism cause I didn’t get it all while I was there. And per usual we went and visited my favorite museum the Air and Space Museum, it seems to be the only one I ever go into but there is just so much cool stuff in there who wouldn’t want to go again and again and again and again (you get the picture). Thanksgiving dinner was held at the Hard Rock Café DC. Good times. Decent food. Friday night though was lobster night. Mmmmmmmm. Did I mention how good it was? Such a pleasant treat. My family had to bust out early Saturday morning though cause Cathy had a football game to go to, Kilbourne was in the playoffs. So I hung out Sat night with Larry et al at Tommy Joe’s a chill bar in Bethesda. Sunday was football at Hooter’s day as I watched the Steeler’s trample on the Redskins. By the way did anyone see that Bengals/Browns game? Holy cow what a score! This brings to a close November.


Friday night I went over to Linds’s after work for her to trim my hair and then we went to a grown up party where everyone was in cocktail attire and there was fabulous food and drink and the apartment was just gorgeous. This inspired me to make at least my bedroom look a little more inviting so I spent all day Saturday cleaning and organizing my room. I rearranged some furniture so I could create an area out of sight where I could throw stuff and can I just say I think the room looks ten times better. For Christmas I want a bookcase that is 6’ wide by 2’ high I’m gonna put this under my window sill so I can get rid of the boxes that the books are in. So ya know spread the word 😉 I’m also looking for a desk with drawers in it. Today I’m hoping to wrap Christmas presents and do other administrative Christmas things. I will be in Columbus for Christmas the 23-26 so give me a shout out if you are there. Also let me know if anyone wants to go to Midnight Mass. I haven’t decided which church yet, I’m thinking I may venture downtown to the Cathedral but we shall see. I hope everyone is doing well. Things are a little lonely out here so please keep in touch. I love hearing from everyone. Talk to you all later! Happy Holidays!

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