I’m so alive

I’m alive and well. The job is going well. My apartment is nice and I’m almost done unpacking my room. Chris came to visit last weekend and that was really nice. We had a pleasant weekend and partook in some of the more touristy activities in this area. I’m still trying to cope with some of the oddities of this region, like taxis by passing people based on their skin colour. WTF??? I was so irritated that I had to hail a cab for a co-worker today because they were just driving past her that I wanted to just stand outside all day hailing cabs for people that would normally be passed up. I still don’t understand what possesses people to treat other human beings like that, but whatever I guess I’ll always be the odd one… sometimes I wish we could revive common courtesy but I guess that went out of style and I’m just hangin on to the old days. Oh and reality check for all of you all out there thinkin everyone that looks your way wants you or wants to get in your pants, you couldn’t be more wrong. oh and playful conversation is not an invitation for intimacy it’s just called being funny/nice or if you will practicing the old art of social flirtation approved by Miss Manners. blah. ok I swear this will be my only bitter post, but I wanted people to know that I’m alive and still here I’m just bad at remembering to post, well at actually doing it. On a lighter note I will be in Athens for Halloween. If you wanna find me just look for all the Mario characters! or call my cell whichever is easier. I’m out like a fat kid in dodge ball. G’night y’all.

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