third times the charm

Ok quiz junkies I am sooo making up for the neglect you have felt from me. Since I’ve been really busy at work today I was perusing once again through my friends’ entries and I found this one on Foxy’s. His results were kinda creepy because they involved the Dad from Full House and cocaine which is just funny cause it makes me think of Half Baked, but I digress. I really hope my ultimate one night stand doesn’t have to involve coke or angel dust or anything but I guess I wouldn’t really mind having Brad Pitt! Haha. I kid, I kid baby I would only want it to be with you. Anyways here’s the results let me know what you think (and yes it would probably involve the simpsons and me footing the bill at TCBY – the rest is wishful thinking or just plain wrong!) Holla back with your thoughts.

Your Ultimate One Night Stand… by crispnite
LJ Username
Favorite animal
You invite over…
They bring…
You talk about…
You end up… with the bill at TCBY
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