Here I am!

Haha so that was a pretty funny joke about me having Internet and subsequently updating this journal more often. I hope you all weren’t fooled by my lunacy. So anywho today is paycheck day #2 at work. So I guess that means I’ve been here one month. Kinda crazy isn’t it? One whole month in DC and still no visitors other than my parents. Shame on all of you for leaving me hanging like that. I know my place isn’t all done up right now cause well we’re gonna move over one entry way at the beginning of October but still … ya’ll should come out here and give me a reason to explore the city. As an extra perk I’ll let you in on a little known secret – Maryland sales tax is only 5% and Virginia is 4.5%. (you know what that means, right?) We won’t get into the exorbitant rates that DC charges…they’re all just crazy.


Since I’ve been at LSI ( I’ve worked on a number of projects with various government contractors including the State Dept, US Marshals, Postal Service and now the Department of Defense and their fabulous Military Treatment Facilities. I know, I know if only you all could be so blessed…one of these days I think I may actually make it out of the office but for now I will keep my wanderings to my lesser known title – Office Tour Guide. That’s right, your very own little Erin and her very astute sense of direction has had the honour not once, but twice this week to show someone a little more green their way around the city. Aren’t ya’ll glad I have a good memory when it comes to direction and an excellent ability for using maps? I know I am! Today’s tour will include the vending machines at the metro stations and the actual function of the metro system to a new staff member who is not familiar with the inner workings of the renowned DC metro system. Oh and I have a third title at work, too, Baker Extraordinaire. That’s right I make one Apple Pie as a bribe for our Travel Director and now I have to make one a month and go through all the berries…it’s a good thing I’m still affiliated with Pampered Chef ( and I can get high quality stoneware for my baking needs. Mmm I’m thinking brownies may be in order this weekend.


In other news my parents absolutely loved their surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary Party that we had Labour Day weekend. We were able to spend some quality time with family that we don’t see very often and when we do it’s usually not for the most festive of reasons. Yay for partying. And “Yay!” for Chris tagging along for the event cause 1. he kept me sane when I wanted to pummel my brother; 2. he got along well with my relatives and was a big help on our grocery store outings; 3. he helped set up for the party by mowing the lawn and doing other things with my brother; 4. he took all the kids to the beach with me and played life guard so that they could go swimming; 5. he’s a lasagna making extraordinaire but he sure won’t let on until absolutely necessary and 6. well who wouldn’t want a strong muscley armed paper boy around? I know I like having him around!


Well seeing as how I am at work I s’pose I should get back to this powerpoint presentation for the DoD. Talk to you all soon! (call, write, e-mail me! Or just stop by I’m not picky!)

1608 East West Hwy

Apt 45

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Oh and quiz junkies, no quizzes right now but let me just tell you how kick ass yahoo messenger is! You can play all sorts of games through your messenger and if that isn’t enough there’s a new little game that Chris has me playing check it out!

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