“mm at!” went the little green frog

Hey everybody look at me I’m updating! (why does that sound so dirty?)

So yeah we’re coming into the home stretch. T minus 4 days and counting until I head off to the city of Washington DC to live inside the beltway. Yes sirree bob. The only drawback is that at this point I still don’t have a place to live. But I do have a place to crash but then I don’t have a place to park. One of these days someone will fix the parking situation in every city and then life will be grand. Until then … ugh! So new and exciting things in The Life of Erin. Well, I have a roomie now. My friend Tasha has decided that she wants somewhere stable to live until she transfers so we’re gonna find a place together and she’s sucking up the commute.

In even cooler news I went to the drag races this past Friday with Chris and my family was there but we didn’t see them much. My little bro, Pat, got to chill in a corvette that was racing and then he got his picture taken on a bike that was racing. Pretty cool. I tried to tell them I was cute and little but it didn’t work for me. But anywho Chris and I watched the races from right behind the starting line where they do the burnouts. Talk about a fun night! I so wanna do it again sometime!

Let’s see what else. Well I had a garage sale on Saturday with my friend Laura whom I’ve known since I was in second grade! Yeah she made about eighty bucks while I made around forty after I went and sold some stuff at those second hand shops. Yeah it’s true she always did have cooler crap when we were little. The rest of the stuff that we didn’t sell (which is a lot!!!) we are donating to Choices which is one of the women’s shelters up here in Columbus. Well as soon as I drop it off we’re donating it. I gotta find the place.

Oh I went and saw the Bourne Supremacy last Wednesday with Chris. That was a good movie. Yes I know the camera could have been a little smoother. There were parts where it made it kinda hard to figure out what was going on but I like the story line overall and I think Matt Damon does a decent job portraying Bourne. I’m gonna go see the next one when it comes out cause now I wanna know what happens. Of course if I wasn’t so lazy I could read the books. Maybe I’ll do that.

So far I have had two g’bye dinners in my honour. Last week my other family treated me to nachos. And if you knew what they were you’d be like sweet! That was a nice little meal. Then last night my mom and dad took me out to Cameron’s this really nice ritzy place they like to eat at that I’ve never been to before. It’s not bad but damn is it expensive. I had the duck, mmm duck. That was yummy. Tonight I had dinner over at Grandma &Grandpa G’s but I’m not sure that dinner was in my honour. They were just feeding Chris and invited me along. But it was good. I so heart homemade food, it’s good for the soul. Tom’w night I’m having dinner with Cinci Chris and my parents. He’s driving all the way up here to see me! and taking off work early! I feel oh so special 😉 It’s just funny cause he’s never driven to see me before I have to drive to see him. Anyways I babble. Friday night is guys night out with Matt, Kevin and Chris. I dunno what we’re doing but by gum it’s gonna be fun! Okay now I’m done babbling

Sorry quiz junkies. Maybe once I get settled I’ll take more quizzes and share them with ya. For now just enjoy the various fonts. Ta ta for now. I’m off to sleepie sleep.

G’night Mr Monkey and make sure no one steals your banana!

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