I get to pay taxes!

Hooray!!! I have returned alive from my second trip to DC this summer (no thanks to the pleasant curse put on me by the priest at my church…) anywho and I have fabulous news! That’s right folks. I. Erin, (not to be confused with I, Robot) have found myself a job for the post graduate standing I now maintain. Yes it’s true I am done with that school in the southeast of Ohio, Ohio U and I will not be there for any scholastic purposes this fall. I may return to celebrate Halloween in a way that I have not been able to since my freshman year and I will most definitely be back for some hockey action and for sibs weekend. But alas the land between known as Ohio shall no longer be my home or my residence.


What, you say, will I be doing in the odd little town of Washington DC? Well I’m glad you asked I will be working for a company known as LSI (Learning Services International). They develop training programs to fit whatever company has requested it. A number of their former and current clients are government contractors such as the US Marshals, IRS, US Postal Service, etc. Once I accept the job I will be doing various things such as web development, training people on Windows XP (the only hallelujah BS 120 will ever get) and researching companies to figure out what training techniques will best suit their environment. Still intrigued? Check out their website at www.lsidc.com


Now for the hard part … finding a place to live in a good part of town w/o paying an arm and a leg for it! It’s harder than you might think but that’s ok. I am super cool, even though Tasha may not agree (I still think my directional skills rule!) But it’s all sunshine and stuff for now. Hoorah! Smiles all around! J

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