Billiards and Applebees and Civic fun!

Hello you minions of livejournal land and a special howdy-doo to the xanga world (I’d join ya but I’m bad enough about updating this one!) So grand news since umm like two days ago…the rest of my family has traveled to their other house in Kentucky for the weekend and I have elected to stay at home alone…sounds bad cause you know home alone always jogs memories of Macauly Caulkin (or whatever nonsense is the appropriate spelling of his name) but being home alone isn’t all that bad. It means you can sleep naked, sleep in, wander around the house naked, have friends over at 1am, stay up as late as you want with friends…I dunno there’s more stuff oh! work undisturbed, blare music all day. Yep good times. I’m enjoying myself.

Before the fam left yesterday I had a scare. I went out to NAPA Auto Parts to buy a light bulb because my left backing light on the decklid wasn’t working. Actually while I was there some other customer guy gave me a hand because I looked all lost and confused. That was so nice of him and he was kinda cute but too bad he was a smoker and at least a few years older than me! 😉 So I bought a bulb and replaced the light on the combi cause that’s the one I thought was out. Dad came home and I’m like well the bulbs are a lot different in size. So we look and he’s like no the other light was out and I’m like hmm cause I had Patrick (my ten year old brother) spot the lights and tell me which one was out…I guess he needs to be trained a little better in auto repair. So we go to switch the bulbs out and the light on the deck lid still isn’t working

… so dad goes in the garage and comes out with a meter and I’m like umm what’cha doing to my car? And he’s like gonna see if this is getting any juice. So he hooks it up to test and then both of the backing lights aren’t working. He tells me to put it into reverse and I can’t because the shifter is locked up. He tries to pop it but it’s not popping and then he realizes my whole instrument panel is out. … yes at this point my stomach is in knots and I know I won’t be eating for at least a day. Plus I’m trying to figure out how on earth I’m gonna get to all the places I have to go this weekend (then I remember duh! the guys will all give me rides, no worries)

Anywho so dad’s like find the fuse boxes so I do and I find the fuse he was asking for, nope it’s not blown. So we check some more and none of the ones under the hood are blown. So then he’s like did ya find the inside box yet? So I just pop off the cover under the steering column like a pro and he gets down there and checks around some more and finds a blown fuse. (I forget which one) and he’s like well gotta replace it. Sends mom to find the spare fuses in the house [I don’t think we ever found them] and I’m like hey I have spare fuses in my car…pop the fuse box under the hood open again and I’m like right here, spare 7.5, 10 and 20. So we pop em out put it in place and then I’m good to go, well at least we were back to the original problem but my car’s running now. In fact after I get done with this I have to go play with the battery so that I can make the check engine light go out. Hopefully that’ll knock out the SRS light too. Yay for buying a car cause they always keep ya on your toes doing funny shit.

After the car fiasco yesterday my family then drove to KY and I went to dinner w/ my next door neighbour Crystal who started analyzing why everything is wrong with my life so I cut dinner short and went back to NAPA to get a fuse to replace my spare. I just wasn’t in the mood for her to be analyzing me…I’ll probably have to sustain it when we drive to DC next week. Then it was off to Chalkie’s for billiards fun with Chris, Kevin, Matt and their friends from High school. The guest of honour was Mandi cause they haven’t seen her in awhile. Billiards was good times. I won a game of cut throat and then proceeded to be a goober for the rest of the night.

After we were done with billiards we walked across the parking lot to Applebee’s for some good times with half price appetizers. I didn’t get anything cause I was broke but I stole some cheese sticks off of other people’s plates. (sneaky sneaky) At one point I managed to whack my head on the chandelier that was hanging but it didn’t hurt. Although the Applebee’s people came to check on me. I’m hard headed so it was no big deal. When the food and merriment was over we wandered outside and then proceeded to my house for some after hours fun since no one else is here and we could be loud or quiet whatever our hearts desired. We watched GOG boom running and some chainsaw action! YAY for GOG! And well that was pretty much it. Oh and great words from Matt: As a Youth Minister I must say that sex before marriage is just not a good idea! Thanks for the tip Matt. Haha


Shout out to ANDREW KLINE because he turns the big 2-1 today! We’re all going out later to celebrate starting with some Hooters and then an overnight at Alum Creek…the fun never ends! Maybe even an update later!


oh yeah still no quizzes…deal with it :oP

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