long time no write…you know correspondence is a two-way street…

Hey there everyone out there in livejournal land. I s’pose I have been neglecting you but I lead a busy busy life of cleaning. You all would be amazed at what I have accomplished but in this house the beauty is that housework is never done. Six people makes housekeeping a fulltime job. So hopefully before I finally find a full time job in the great land of the District of Columbia I will get every room in this organized (maybe not the basement – I don’t intend to be unemployed that long). On the list for today though is putting away the mounds of clothes in my room so that I can vacuum and then working my way to the garage because in theory there should be a truck in there along with all of mine and Stephen’s stuff from school.


In other news I will be traveling back to DC next week for at least one and hopefully two interviews. I had a pretty good lead there for awhile with Deborah Pryce’s office but they filled it with someone else. *tear. Oh and my cousin Meg got married. Yay for her! Her new husband John is a cool guy and I like him alot and her daughters are just adorable. I totally miss them! I really wish that I lived closer to them but I can’t bring myself to move to Texas. I don’t think it would work out very well…I’d most definitely be an old maid for the rest of my life. Not that my current life path is leading me in any drastically different direction.


I am employed at least in the present moment. I am a new Kitchen consultant for Pampered Chef. They have really nice kitchen products ranging from cookware to plateware and everything in between for the preparation and the clean-up. My mom has a ton of their stuff and I use it all the time (which is why I decided to work for them so I could get some for myself at a discount!) So checkout their products at www.pamperedchef.com a number of their products have lifetime warranties and are honestly worth the money you pay for them. In fact sometimes the money you pay for them through Pampered Chef is drastically less than what you would have to pay for comparable products elsewhere. Just something to keep in mind. Let me know if you see anything you like and I can put an order in for ya. For myself I absolutely heart the Simple Additions line and that is what I’m going to start stocking my apartment with. SO ya know…if you wanna get me a housewarming gift… ;o) Alrighty well it’s time for me to get off of this joint. No quizzes today. My apologies but the dust bunnies are calling. I’ll have to remember to sit back down and update this again soon. If you’re uber-lucky it will be this weekend…but don’t hold your breath (it’s still a couple days away!)



A quick shout out to everyone out of the country – Rocky and Joe I miss ya both!

if you wanna a shout out leave the country! Cause we can’t miss ya if you never leave! Tee hee (ahh memories from sophomore year…)

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