I love DC

so guess who just got back from DC last night? Yep that’s right! It was me! and aside from the weird dream involving that lion still roaming free (only this time it was in Worthington and ruining my slumber parties…) I am totally excited about moving out to DC. even if I have to go alone cause I’m having trouble getting a hold of my roomie. because wow! it’s just great and I loved it and I can’t wait to go back to visit. So I need to set up some more interviews so that I can go out and stay with Whitney and Dwayne again. They’re my new family out there in DC brought to me courtesy of my wonderful next door neighbour Crystal (it’s her sister and brother-in-law) oh and I’m also going to try to convince Crystal to move out there with me. It’s not working so well at the moment but I’m at least gunning to see if I can get her to visit. Then maybe she’ll be hooked like I was! But anywho I’m just pumped about finding a job and moving out there. I will update more later. Just wanted to give a quick shout out as to what’s goin on in my life! :o)

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