Helloooooooooooooo little people

Hiya everyone. It’s ok I am officially back and in the game. Or something…anyways! I graduated from undergrad at the Ohio University last Saturday June 12, 2004. So I am officially done with school forever…or until I decide to go back to grad school. I am presently unemployed (*tear) and looking to find a job somewhere out there perhaps even over the rainbow. Hopefully I can find something by next week but in the mean time I shall spend this week cleaning and organizing the house and my room and now the garage since that’s where all of my boxes went. My dear friend Laura who I have known since we were in the second grade and went to KinderCare daycare and Brookside Elementary together will also be graduating next semester from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. So to celebrate we are having a garage sale! That’s right. We’re holding a garage sale to sell off all of the wonderful things we have collected in our various homes over the past umm well let’s we’re 22 so the last 22 years! That should be fun. So I have to do some extra hard cleaning to get ALL of my crap organized and I really need to hit that garage and get the school stuff organized neatly so that I can just move it directly into my new apartmentwith no trouble. Whenver I get that apartment which won’t be until I find a job…and the vicious circle continues.

In other ecstatic news I bought myself one fine 2001 Honda Civic EXS yesterday! Score! I now have my very own automobile and I have driveway parking privileges! hehe. That’s due to the large amount of teenage drivers on the street. Daddy doesn’t want my car getting hit by one of them so I get to park in the driveway! Score one for the home team! So if you’d like to see my titanium beauty please feel free to give me a holla or stop by my folks place.

oh and for all you quiz junkies while I was sitting in my Mom’s office yesterday entertaining myself on the company website I ran across some great quizzes…here they are:


Stress Calculator Results
Be extremely careful. Stress is increasing your risk of serious illness or accident. Please keep in mind that there are many variables that can affect your health. If you are concerned about the affect of stress on your health, seek the assistance of a physician or qualified counselor.

Ha! Stress, I do not mutter your name. You are nothing to me. You have no hold over my body, except to throw me into random bursts of tears…ha!

Sleep Disorder Test Results
Sleep Apnea:
You show symptoms of sleep apnea, a life-threatening disorder which causes you to stop breathing repeatedly during your sleep, often several hundred times per night.

You show signs of narcolepsy, a lifelong disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks during the day.

Nocturnal Myoclonus:
You show symptoms of nocturnal myoclonus (restless leg syndrome), a disorder characterized by pain or “crawling” sensations in the legs.

I really just attribute alot of that to being a college student…I’m sure a lot of it will go away once I find a job and am happily settled into my new apartment. :o)

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