workin on the chain gang

heya all you wonderful people out there in livejournal land. I have returned! and do you know what happens pretty much everytime I return? well it’s one of two things…Yes! you are correct. I have successfully completed another program for my C++ class. I know I’m excited. I even was able to turn this one in on time! It was a personal goal cause he’s so nice about giving me extra time that I said golly I should prob get this one in on time. Perchance in some near yet distant future I may even turn one in early! gasp! I know! that would be crazy. but I think I just may be able to pull it off one of these days. Mad props to Chris Porter for spending about 2 hours with me at BW3s yesterday night figuring out what it was that I needed to do. It couldn’t have been done without him. well it could have…but it would have taken longer and I def would have had a much larger headache. 🙂 yay for chris!

in other news – I fell down and went boom trying to walk down a wet slippery grassy hill to get to my car rather than using my brain and walking around to my car via the sidewalk like a normal person…yep so now my poor cute white gap capris, yes those, the ones that look like european capris now have a big ol’ green spot on the buttocks region that I am presently trying to remove. It shall be done for they will receive a cold washing tonight when I return to my chambers. probably after I do the dishes and put the rest of my clothes away. yes, I know I lead a very exciting and enthralling life. perhaps Julia Stiles will jump at the chance to play me, her look a like in my life film. That will be a great little independent number for her to work on. hehe.

Well I believe that’s all for now. I apologize to the quiz junkies for not having any new quizzes for you to play with. I will pass along some more soon, but for now I am signing off. Adieu.

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