my forever estranged relationship with programming

Hi there all y’all with your pea pickin little hearts! So today is Vicki’s birthday. Yay! Happy 21st Vicki! It is also friday night at 957 and all I really want to do is go to sleep by 11. So unless I get a phone call from a certain someone I think this girl is crashin early. I cleaned my room today AND Emily finally finished my new double thick fleece blanket and it is adorable and soft and I can’t wait to sleep with it! In other exciting news today after my dumbass accidentally deleted my entire program right after I finally got it working right I then retyped it and got it working again! Yay I rule! I am the smartest programmer alive! … ok well maybe not but I am far more advanced than Homer, I know where the ANY key is. :oP I’ve decided that programming and I have a love/hate relationship. I love finally figuring it out and it hates me figuring it out. So it’s kinda like my relationship with guys! ;X! hehe. ok I really don’t have anything important to write, not like the rest of it was important oh wait no! I forgot!

So the first round of doctor’s appointments turns out that I need physical therapy to fix my back cause my trapezus muscles are so tight that they 1. give me pain and spasm and 2. gave my doc a hand cramp tryin to massage em out. So Thursday I went to Hudson (our local student health center) and gave them my prescription and they set me up for my eval for next Weds. So hopefully my back will get better!!! That would make me sooooooooooo happy. Oh and also my doctor rules cause she wrote me a note that excuses me from my class where I have to sit in front of the computer for two hours cause it’s too much strain on my back. So HAHA take that you stupid CS 120 instructors. [sorry I have some mild hostility towards those instructors!] oooh ooh more exciting news! Sara moved back into johnson! :o) I’m so happy I can hang out with her more often again! She and I went shopping on weds to get some carpet for her new room and then we went to bath & body works and got stuck in the Aromatherapy section. I got some new very lovely lotion called Jasmine Vanilla and it smells wonderful. I also bought some hand soap that is called Orange Ginger very refreshing smell. I think I like the aromatherapy section, but I’m not quite ready yet to fully admit it. hehe. ok so now for what y’all are waitin for:

The Newest Quiz – What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?

Eager Beaver

For you, every idea that comes up is appealing. Every cause seems worthy. Every activity sounds great. Every person needs you. News flash: Nobody can do it all! Though you’re brilliant when you’re interested in a project, the trouble is you have too many to keep track of. You procrastinate because you’re overwhelmed, overbooked and overall too busy. You want to live life to the fullest, but all your lofty ambitions make you feel like the world’s worst procrastinator.

Quick Tip: First of all, take a look at the activities and priorities in your life and make sure your schedule’s not stuffed with things that aren’t that important to you. What can you eliminate? Even if you can only drop one meeting or activity a month, that’s a step to finding the time to complete the important goals in your life.

Then start scheduling “just say no” time. Block out a day, or a portion of a day, to catch up — planning, goal setting, errand running or reevaluating — and decline invitations, activities, meetings or requests during that time. Don’t answer the phone messages or emails (unless you’re getting caught up on returning them). Giving yourself the time to focus on the most important tasks will make it easier to complete them.

Prioritize. Start making a list of projects you’ve been meaning to do and decide which three need to be done by the end of this month. Writing lists helps you see you have far fewer projects than the million you thought you were juggling.

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