back in a-town

I heart programming! well not so much heart but it’s not so bad cause I feel like I kind of understand this time around. and mad props to dan, kevin and linds for helping me figure out what on earth is going on. maybe I’ll change my major and become a cs person…haha not a chance when I’m this close to graduation but maybe I will tell my parents that just to see what kind of reaction I’ll get from them. hehe.

in other news: yay for sara moving back to the big J. lincoln is just too rowdy if you’re not a freshman or a slacker sophomore. :X hehe. but anyways it’s cool cause now I can hang out with her more.

saturday night was fun times with chris and kevin. I do in fact heart billiards but I suck at it except for sinking chris’s balls and knocking kevin’s out of harm’s way. too bad I can’t do all of that intentionally. oh and an FYI applebees drink specials only last until 9pm…so no half priced appetizers along with $1 off drinks…oh and their mixed drinks are mad expensive (just an observation my wallet made) best part of the night had to be when we were all staring at kevin’s computer trying to figure out how to get my program to work. they both have excuses cause its been a while since they took any kind of programming but I … well … I’m a bit slow. :o) I dunno why that entertained me so, but it did. that and falling asleep on the bed so I could sober up. yay for back rubs.

easter sunday my mom thought it would be swell to make us all go to 8am mass. so I was rather grouchy when we got home and then I couldn’t find my easter basket and I didn’t want my picture taken cause all I really wanted was to crawl back in to my warm bed so I did about 10 and I woke up at 130 feelin better except now I had to rush and get my laundry done. but as you can see I’m back in Athens so my bro and I made it ok. but it’s time to unpack so I stop trippin over things! :o)

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