update and more quizzes…

ok folks sorry I haven’t been the faithful journal writer I purported to be…see for starters I don’t like to wash my underwear in public so if I’m being moody or depressed I probably won’t be on here…it’s a family thing I s’pose since technically I spent my formative years in the south and you know how southern families are…and if ya don’t, read Prince of Tides, then you’ll know more than you wanted. Anywho. I was out of state for a few days because my Great Uncle Tom passed away (cancer of the throat from years of smoking) and I went with my parents to Springfield, Massachusetts for the funeral. This happens to be the home of my mom’s mom’s family. Let me just tell ya if at all possible this cat is moving out East to be closer to these folks. It’s always a pleasant visit out there even if it has to be a funeral. I am at home in Columbus now for the Easter holiday and I shall return to Athens on Sunday evening.

In other news: I found more quizzes on Adam’s profile so here’s the latest results 😛

(gonna have to rent this one although it sounds like something I may be interested in)

[can’t complain too much about being likened to Gandhi, he’s a rather admirable fellow, man if only I was really like him. :o)]

oh and in other other news: I have successfully written one program…working on the second one. yay me. ok time to go back to the joys that are C++

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