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Catherine Woods, update

November 27, 2005, Catherine Woods, a girl from the neighborhood where I grew up was brutally murdered in her apartment in Manhattan. Yesterday, February 13, 2007, the jury went into deliberation to decide the fate of the man who murdered … Continue reading

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RoboHelp isn’t “Help”-ful

I must rant. This is one of the greatest contradictions of my life. I am trying to utilize RoboHelp for a client to create a manual for their software from some GREAT Help files that they currently have. However, the … Continue reading

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Trans-Siberian Love

Have you ever heard a song that made you wish your life had evolved along a completely different path? I have. Yesterday as, I was screening music for my Christmas party I came across this magical piece. Listening to it … Continue reading

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Bourbon Dreams

He Gets Smarter When He Drinks Frat boy: Gimme something like a whiskey sour but dont put Jack Daniels or anything like that in it. I dont like whiskey! Bartender: Well what you want in it instead of whiskey? Frat … Continue reading

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sensually unpacking

I thought this was a great quote: “there’s something really sexy about the skin you’re in; your clothes don’t do you justice, so get out of them” In other news, I am unpacking in my new home. For those of … Continue reading

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