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Hello! It’s been a minute. My technology hasn’t caught up with my dream world wherein the blogs I write in my head show up on the blog perfectly formatted with stunning pictures. Some day, maybe.

I’ve made a few things lately:

You guuuuys!!! It's done. Labeled, washed, and ready to be gifted! Plus bonus baby. We haven't decided if we're gifting him too. :D #gifts #quilting #process #moderncrosses

Yep, made both of these things. One was a wedding gift and one is for me and Chris to keep. You guess which is which.

Leonard is all put together! Thanks for the class @rosemakesthings!!! #leonardthellama #sewwhatsherlock #paperpiecing

Leonard is all put together! Thanks for the class @rosemakesthings!!! #leonardthellama #sewwhatsherlock #paperpiecing

Lunchtime sewing and the back is complete. I asked the birthday girl if she wanted the stripe and she said yes and I really like it now that it's sewn in. Applique is hard. My shoulders and neck are not looking forward to 12 more elephants. #gifts #quilti

The back of my niece Fia’s birthday quilt.

I’ve also been in a couple Instagram swaps.

There’s been a lot more sewing/quilting in my life. I’ve recently joined a neighborhood quilt group – which is splendid and gives me a chance to meet some ladies in my neighborhood. It’s been lovely having the ladies to use as a sounding board for quilting and for general life things.

I’m gearing up for the #superawesomequiltbee next year with Rose and Kate and some new friends. I have November so there’s tons of time for me to figure out what block I want to do. Have any of you ever participated in a quilting bee and do you have finished quilts (or at least quilt tops) to share? šŸ˜€ I’d love to see some.

I’ve also downloaded Periscope. You can find me over there as LittleWit. I am not entirely sure what I want to do with it yet but I definitely want to do something. If there is anything you want to see me scope about, let me know!Ā 

I’ll be back soon. I promise. I have much more to share about the little guy up there. And since there is no Ravelry for quilting I really need to record my makes somewhere. šŸ™‚

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