Dry Spell

So every summer I end up with a dry spell in my knitting. I thought this summer I could avoid that by sewing instead but it seems that August may just be an entire craft black hole. 🙂 I was able to knock out my quilt top for Craftmas in July and it’s currently sitting downstairs by the TV waiting for me to hand sew down the binding. I decided to do it that way because I didn’t want my thread to show on the red bit of the candy cane binding and that way I’d have something I could do while hanging out with the boy. Sometimes he feels a bit like a sewing widower. hehe

I am currently psyching myself up for some new knitting projects and carrying easy WIPs around with me whenever we travel but nothing is getting done. 🙂 Sometimes it’s just good to embrace the crafty drought and rest assured that it’s highly unlikely to be extended. September, you are earmarked for crafty greatness – dogapalooza allowing.

I did stare at my spinning wheel for 3-4 episodes of Haven on Sunday night but alas, I did not write down which bag of fiber I was spinning from!!! when I took my hiatus from TdF. I know better, I really do, and then I do these things again and again. I *think* I may remember which one I was working from and may just allow the weight of the spun singles on the bobbin added to the weight left in the two bags to dictate which bag I end up spinning for the rest of the bobbin. I kind of can’t wait to see this yarn when it’s done!

How’s your summer crafting going? On par, with your usual or are you also facing a dry spell?

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