Fabric Managed

Over the weekend I finished sorting and organizing my fabric. I think it turned out pretty great. I ended up with 3 bins of < 1 yd cuts all neatly organized by color families. I found that I have a shocking amount of blue for someone whose favorite color is decidedly not blue. Perhaps I just sew up all the other colors faster?

(P) ROY G + B


The green prints are not surprisingly almost even with the blues. I just expected to see way more yellows, oranges, browns and purples too. Perhaps now I know what to go shopping for once Christmas shopping is over.

BIV + Blacks, Greys, Browns, Creams and Multis

I have some great holiday prints I purchased recently that I want to turn into some holiday oriented quilts and decorations. Any suggestions? I also think that brocade in the bottom right may turn into some sandbags for yoga. We shall see.

Holiday and specialty prints

While going through my stash I was reminded how much I love the fabrics I buy and how many very very pretty fabrics I have. Especially in larger cuts. I’d really like to find some projects to make with those that showcase their loveliness.

Closet Fabric - 1 yd+ cuts

It’s kind of tricky taking photos in and of the closet. I love how these two shelves look now with all the fabric on display. The boy says it looks like I am running a store… Hopefully this’ll be the reminder and encouragement I need to knock out some sewing projects. Although, it’s possible with the snow we got overnight that I’ll be on hiatus from sewing while I snuggle in front of the fireplace with my knitting – knocking out all the accessories. 🙂


Bruce loves the snow and Riley just really wants to find his forever home.

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