Fabric Stash Re-org Progress

Over the past few days I’ve been working diligently on cleaning up my fabric stash. I finally sat down and read through The Art of Choosing by In Color Order. I’ve had this bookmarked for a couple of years now. 🙂 It was super helpful in giving me ideas for sorting my fabric and also giving me instructions on ways to fold my fabric to the same size for any cut. I used that method for any cuts smaller than 1 yard. For the 1 and 1+ yard cuts I borrowed from Smashed Peas and Carrots and purchased comic book boards to make mini bolts. I still need to figure out a good way to organize my small scraps but that may be a task for next week.

Fabric Re-org progress


I think it’s all looking really nice and I’ve even found some fabrics that I can use to round out a few projects I have going right now. 🙂 The next step is to get all these fabrics ordered by color and put back in the closet. So now you know what I’ll be up to this weekend. Can’t wait to see how it all looks when it’s done!

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