NASCAR Body Pillow

While picking out t-shirts for the top of our friends’ baby’s t-shirt quilt I came across one shirt that had so much patterning on it (and all of the good patterning was by the neck) that I wasn’t sure what to do with it. The boy suggested that we turn it into a pillow instead. Then we thought wouldn’t it be great if we left most of the t-shirt structure and then it could be a body pillow – like a hug for the baby from his dad.

Body pillow - front

So that’s what we did. We interfaced the sleeves, neck, and hem so they wouldn’t shift too much during the sewing up. I sewed up the neck-hole first, which in retrospect I probably should’ve done second. Then I tacked the sleeves down to each side. Lastly, I sewed in the zipper. Once the zipper was in we tried stuffing the pillow form into the case and blew out a couple of the seams. So I quadruple reinforced the zipper seams and we were able to get the pillow form in without blowing anymore seams. This was a relatively quick project and the end result totally makes me smile. They’ll be receiving the pillow in lieu of a finished quilt at the baby shower tomorrow. I hope they love it!

Body pillow - back

As for the baby quilt, we have completely designed the back of the quilt and ordered some fabric. We’re going to pick up some of the solid colors we’ll need today and I’ll get to work on piecing the back. I can’t wait to see how the whole project looks when it’s done! 🙂

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