Knitting Challenge Update #2

Since beginning my knitting challenge at the beginning of the month I’ve managed to complete 4 accessory projects from the worsted and aran weight yarns in my basket. I’ve mostly spent our Tuesday night family TV time casting on projects and then knitting them leisurely throughout the week. I’ve also taken that time to force myself to weave in ends and fix projects that just need an hour of work to be splendid. I’m beginning to like this dedicated weekly knitting time. 🙂 These are the all the new accessories we have in the knitwear bin.

Knitting Challenge Update #2

I am quite pleased with my progress but I feel like the basket isn’t any closer to being empty! This may be partly due to me digging up single skeins laying around elsewhere in the house and adding them to the pile. Haha. 🙂

I may need to dip into some DK and fingering weight yarns for a bit to knock out a few other accessories I’ve been wanting to make before getting back into the worsted weights. There are some 2 skein combos that I want to do something colorwork with or find a good larger project for them. I also have a few Christmas gifts that I need to get started on if they’re going to get done in time. In my other free time I am also reading through a large stack of books. So you know, things are busy around here. 😀 How’s your fall knitting going?

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