FO – Orchid Thief

Back in May I decided that it was high time I knit up Ysolda’s Orchid Thief. I’d been wanting to for awhile, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I was looking through my stash on Rav for a suitable yarn and was almost sold on some purple I had, when I found this skein buried in my fingering weight bin. A friend sold it to me when she decided not to use the yarn in her shop and I had forgotten to stash it on Rav.

Orchid Thief

The shawl knit up pretty quickly although looking at my project page you wouldn’t think so. It got waylaid by other more pressing projects as well as the Tour de Fleece. I picked it back up at the end of July, beginning of August with the intention of finishing it to wear and photograph during our holiday in Scotland.

Orchid Thief - close up

As these pictures will attest I got it done in time! 🙂 Sarah took these lovely photos while we were on holiday in Shetland. The lighting in Shetland is gorgeous. All the colors of my knitwear just glowed up there. Getting off the plane in Sumburgh my Tavern Sunset, while already a bright and lovely orangey-yellow, became the most beautiful color ever. 🙂

Blowing in the wind

If I could afford to I’d fly to Shetland to photograph all of my knit wear. 🙂 I am quite pleased with my Orchid Thief and see it becoming a staple during the cooler months. 😀

Orchid Thief

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